At the last meeting of the Steering Group we looked at topics and decided that it would be best to start with 4 Community Action Groups, broadly covering the main areas of the Parish Plan.

  1. Natural Environment (Wildlife Area, Monitoring, Planting, Lobbying on light & noise pollution & tipping, Information, Energy Saving etc)
  2. Community Activities and Communication (Welcome Pack, Newsletter, Website, Hatton Show, Heritage)
  3. Parish Room
  4. Services and Local Improvements (Information, Lobbying, Education, Footpaths & Pavements, Development Monitoring)

The first name in each group on the attached list is the person to organise the first meeting of the group. Each group can then elect their own “Chair”. If you prefer to be in a different group or if you would like to be in more than one group please let us know. Also if you know anyone else who couldn’t come to the Launch Event but who would like to be involved (it doesn’t matter how large or small the level of commitment) please encourage them to let us know.

One of the reasons for suggesting 4 large groups was that other people in the group might then be able to help in areas in which there have only been a couple of volunteers so far.

We found while formulating the Parish Plan that, although we have got the business done, it has also been a good opportunity to get to know our neighbours in the Parish. We hope you will also enjoy working with fellow residents in taking the Daresbury Parish Plan forward.

The Natural Environment Action Group met on 14th June. The dates of the first meetings of the other groups will be set soon and the venue is likely to be in the Parish Rooms.

Natural EnvironmentCommunity Activities and CommunicationParish RoomServices and Local Improvements
Initiator of first meetingLyn GoodkinGeoff OwenDavid FelixRoland Harbron
Wildlife area, monitoring & plantingWelcome PackParish RoomServices & transport
VolunteersLyn & Alan Goodkin Joan Barton David Felix Pat & Terry Stoker
Mervyn & Sarah Hogan Frances & Brian HoughGill & Rob Hebenton
Kathy & Ian Ireland Eleanor Brittain Joan Barton Education
Ian & Eleanor Brittain Joanne Howe Gill & Rob Hebenton
Phil & Gill Hambleton NewsletterRuth Neville Joanne Howe
Geoff Ford Jill Boldersen
Wildlife area & monitoringJenni Harding Ian & Eleanor BrittainRoads & Traffic
Geoff Ford Phil & Gill HambletonMervyn & Sarah Hogan
Elaine Whitlow Website Kathy & Ian IrelandPeter & Trish Haslam
Joanne Howe Gill & Rob HebentonLyn & Alan Goodkin Pat & Terry Stoker
Joan Barton Wendy Harding
Misc environmental lobbying etc & plantingAlan GoodkinPam & Roland HarbronFootpaths & pavements
Gill & Rob Hebenton Jill Boldersen
Hatton Show Phil & Gill Hambleton
Planting only Margaret & Geoff Owen Pam & Roland Harbron
Mike Harding Lyn & Alan Goodkin
Margaret & Geoff Owen Development monitoring
Brian Hough Heritage Jill Boldersen
Pam & Roland Harbron Geoff Ford Phil & Gill Hambleton
Elaine Whitlow
Lyn & Alan Goodkin
Total volunteers so far15+6 13 18 14